Why us?

Why Vietnam?

In today’s competitive business world, addressing customer’s needs efficiently and cost effectively is critical or else customers go elsewhere. At BHS, we are more than just a call center; we are partners that focus on your success. Our team is made up of young, dynamic and enthusiastic team members that are ambitious and excited about working with international organizations. We also have an agile, warm and creative culture that has developed through international studies and working experience.

Why Bellsystem24-HoaSao?

When you choose BHS, you get

Strong recruitment network: We have strong recruitment network in 10 sites nationwide; we also collaborate with more than 300 universities, colleges, foreign language centers; and a referral network from 4,000 employees.

Proven training program: We provide a customized training program for our staff customized for each project. The curriculum includes;

  • Orientation: Who are our customers? What is our job and what is a role in ensuring the customers are satisfied?
  • Communication skills: How to communicate effectively through different channels. How to control your emotion and your voice; How to listen proactively; and how to ask for necessary information through appropriate questions
  • Culture of our customers’ country: Learn about Geography & History; Lifestyle; Politics; Recreation activities in your country
  • English: They also get to learn more about communication styles, pronunciation and intonation, idioms and dialects.