We know the struggles many chains of restaurant face: trying to afford operational costs, to engage guests and make a profit. As a pioneer in the restaurant-tech space, we also know how your restaurant can do it all with outsourced call center. 

At Bellsystem24-HoaSao Call Center Solutions, we provide our restaurant partners with off-premise, omni-channel that revolutionize the way they do business. With the state-of-art technologies, we help restaurants transition into the Restaurant 4.0 World by connecting with their guests anytime and anywhere they need. 

The areas in which Bellsystem24-HoaSao can improve your customer relations are as follows:

 Omni-channel support to boost sales 24/7

In our 4.0 Digital Age, restaurants need the ability to talk with customers as soon as they land on any channel. So much can be communicated to consumers on the spot, which makes it that much easier to convert them into customers. 

Omni-channel integration in Bellsystem24-HoaSaosystem24-HoaSao's Contact Center gives customers the best experience by minimizing challenges in communication. The system allows agents to interact with customers on various channels including Voice, Email, Live chat, Social networking, SMS, Mobile apps ... with only one admin account.

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 Win Back Lost Customers

You may have lost customers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one of those was due to poor customer service. Regardless of the reason, our qualified agents would be able to win back lost customers. Bellsystem24-HoaSao has agents who are trained to manage customer retention so you lose fewer customers and retain more. 

Lead Generation Services

An outsourced call center doesn’t just have to provide inbound services. At Bellsystem24-HoaSao, we provide outbound call services as well. This effort can play a key role in building your clientele base with much less hassle because we will also reach out to clients to obtain feedback.

Bellsystem24-HoaSaosystem24-HoaSao Contact Center is integrated with CRM for customer data from all channels to be synchronized and managed in only one system. The software could gather data available to the outbound campaigns of restaurants. 

Our solutions have proven effective in boosting profits and enhancing the guest-to-restaurant relationship for numerous nationwide brands—including many of the most prestigious brands in the industry. With our technology, dropped calls are virtually eliminated, guests are treated like VIPs and loyal customers are born. 


Feel free to contact us at +84 19001739 for increase your restaurant-customers engagement from now!