Why offshoring a call center benefits Banking & Finance organizations?

The call center industry continues to mature and grow and is expanding into more markets and industries every year. This growth provides an opportunity for offshoring providers to further evolve its services to support these new markets. If you are Banking & Finance service providers seeking ways to optimize your call center operations and financial outcomes, consider using offshore call centers.  

Organizations are facing increasing pressure as the demand from new and existing customers increases, meaning more demands, more queries, and more complaints. Small companies can also feel overwhelmed by calling workload, especially when they are lack of human resource. Meanwhile, established organisations hesitate to have highly skilled, well paid employees working on easily automated or offshore routine tasks such as reminding debts through telephone, as well as spend on overhead expenses on maintaining call center infrastructure or day to day call operations. This may be a waste of time and resources, especially for short-term debts.

From the customer’s perspective, people currently have less loyalty towards their banks driven by legislation to reduce switching penalties, and have more choices. There is a harsh fact that the customer interactions in Banks or other Financial Institutions are highly sophisticated and sensitive, especially towards debts and loans. A large number of people will negatively judge your organisation if your staff are not trained effectively to communicate about streamlining collections such as recovery of loan & credit card dues through telephone.

Hiring an offshore call center service is an ideal solution for these problems and can be achieved at cost-effective rates. As one of the leading contact center and BPO service providers, Bellsystem24-Hoasao will enable your Financial business to scale greater heights by providing excellent call center agents in:

  • Debt Reminding, Debt collection and recovery services for maintaining effective relationships with customers
  • Telemarketing, Telesales, Telesurvey for better cross-selling and upselling
  • Flexible customer support for fostering your bank’s branding and your customer’s loyalty

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