Top 4 reasons for a real estate firm to offshore

n real estate industry, it is important to keep communication lines open with customers who are in the market to rent, lease, source a valuation, purchase or sell a property through multiple channels, especially through call center. However, building a dedicated in-house team  comes at a high cost to the business, including the cost of hiring, training, paying and retaining staff, not to mention the infrastructure and other operational and management requirements.

To ease these burdens, real estate firms can consider building a contact center team with an offshore call center provider. Below are the top 4 functions that an effective offshore call center can help your real estate business and drive growth and competitive advantage. 


Effective Cold Calling

Commercial real estate cold calling requires skilled resources capable of effectively engaging with prospects about the properties for rent, sale, or lease. With industry leading training and recruitment for telesales; offshoring contact agents can professionally pursue prospects and generate leads for your business.

Appointment Setting Services

Your offshore team can filter and deliver high quality prospects to your local sales team. Along with arranging appointments for property showing, your offshore team  will seek insights about the prospects that will be sent to you, which will support faster close rates and better results for your organisation.

Streamlined Customer Service & Engagement

You can be assured that all of your end-to-end customer service-related requirements for efficient property management will be satisfied. Call center agents can take exceptional care of your customer enquiries about leasing, purchase or sale, as well as, managing requests for maintenance, scheduling of visits, RSVP for open houses, pre-purchase and post-purchase assistance, and more.

Attentive Customer Care that nurtures relationship

Property maintenance is very important as residents, workers, and clients all prefer a clean and well maintained building. The building or commercial property under your care is a reflection of your business and the people who live or work in it. Telephoning and answering to customer’s concern through Hotlines is one of the best common communication ways to deliver customer care service towards maintenance issues.

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