Top 2 challenges for customer service in the automotive industry

Globalization has opened up new frontiers for automotive companies; yet with these new opportunities comes the challenge of effective Customer Relationship Management.


Different type of customers requires high flexibility

In the automobile industry, consumers come from different demographics, regions, and economic backgrounds. Hence, it is crucial to provide flexible service that can meet the demand of different types of customers, different styles of communicating.

Automotive companies can use online chat, click-to-call access on website and social media sites to engage consumers during the online research phase and their buying decision. Nonetheless, these tasks entail a great deal of internal human resources, infrastructure and operational expenses. Fortunately, outsourcing the whole or some parts of customer service can be a smart solution to reduce these costs. As a rising contact centre power house, Vietnam can be your great offshore or BPO service destination for your automobile business.

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Selective customers 

When it comes to making high-value purchases such as for vehicles, consumers are rightfully selective. They want assurances, guarantees, the knowledge that their concerns and issues can be effectively resolved.

BellSystem24-Hoa Sao possesses well-trained live agents, with the latest technology to provide the fastest, most effective and reliable service. Our call agents can offer personalized communication to each customer, as well as, affordable services to companies of all sizes, from automobile manufacturers to local car dealerships. We can help strengthen the customer relationship management with a range of associated customer services; including follow-up calls, customer satisfaction surveys, automotive recall hotline, and regular maintenance appointments. As Vietnamese with desirable characteristics in business environment, our agents are friendly, professional, prompt and able to deliver effective communication.

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