Retention Strategy - How it sets Bellsystem24-HoaSao apart from other Offshore Service Providers

In today's changing global economy, offshoring call center operations has become a strategy adopted to achieve competitive advantage for customer service for global companies. One of the primary vendor selection criteria for organisations looking to offshore should be the attrition rates in the call center provider. This article will discuss attrition rates in the industry and BHS’s approaches to achieve exceptional results for this metric.

Attrition in offshoring contact center industry

Low attrition rate is a considerable factor which can increase the overhead costs. There are a number of effects and consequences, both direct and indirect, of poor attrition rates, specifically, contact centers with high turnover can experience: 

  • A loss of knowledge, expertise, and productivity
  • A drop in morale among remaining employees
  • A perception that something is fundamentally amiss in the business
  • Increased costs associated with recruiting, hiring and training of new staff.
  • The cost of lost opportunities - an increasing number of high-paying buyers of call center services are staying away from suppliers that suffer from high turnover rates.

These negative effects not only poisons the operation of any offshoring service provider but also a threat to the long-term development of their partners. Thus, high turnover is a common problem at most offshore call centers, and one of the top reasons that companies avoid offshoring. Even at the top ideal offshoring country with affordable labour costs such as the Philippines, the attrition rate is still not ideal - 18%.

Normally, call centers have been plagued with high turnover due to the repetitive nature of the work, low pay, shift work, inflexible schedules, lack of training, stressful environment, high burnout factor, uninspiring management, abusive customers, etc.

Many call center managers take this problem as being part of the “nature of the beast” and try to live with it without doing much about it, in effect they play the “game” of recruit and train more agents than they lose  Others tackle it simply by increasing the payments to agents. The very successful call centers have, however, figured out other ways of making the situation better. Bellsystem24-HoaSao is one of these successful call center offshoring providers, with an effective attrition strategy.

Low attrition rate strategy of Bellsystem24-HoaSao

Our low attrition rate is highly desirable for any contact center provider - only 10% for outbound projects and 2.5 - 5% for inbound projects as reported in 2018. While the average rate of Business Process Outsourcing can reach as high as 50%. BHS’s success results from implementing effective retention strategies including:

  1. Clear career path for every employee

BHS work with our customers and agents to create development  plans based on agents’ working position, skills, interests and desires. For example, there are frequent internal trainings for agents to become team leaders, and team leaders to project managers at least once per year. To ensure the practical results, trainings are organized in both theoretical lessons and practicing sessions. 

  1. Effective Emulation and Commendation program, Employee Performance Review and Appraisal

There are various appraisal programs to encourage employees to improve their performance, such as weekly and monthly snacks, parties, or gifts.

  1.   Fun, supportive environment

BHS always strive to be a be a fun place to work at and staffs working there will be working as a well-knit team. Team buildings and other corporate culture activities are carried out frequently and fun.

  1.   Employee appreciation

We try to understand each and every employee in order to encourage their  and will amend the weakness if possible to retain the talents.

These strategic approaches greatly helps building the ideal offshoring workforce with optimized human resource costs for any businesses.

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