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The key to the success of any logistics contract is good logistics management. The key to good management is the ability to identify the needs of the client and the countries in which the work will take place. For long-term relationship with foreign corporations in logistics industry, we understand that experience and understanding of logistics operations and local networks is vital. With the many years of experience in our team, we have a detailed understanding of the criticality or every aspect of the logistics world. 

Bellsystem24-HoaSao has extensive experience in providing operational solutions for offshore logistic. With 13 years of offshore supply for various clients, our company is among the leading offshore providers in Vietnam. We keep searching for expanding customer business profits using our extensive development capacity.

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We are offering an exclusive collection of Offshore Logistics Service: 

  • Back/Front-office and Helpdesk Services
  • Data Entry/Data Processing
  • Business & Sales Promotion/Support
  • Technical Support
  • Market Research

Based on our long-term relationship with international companies in Vietnam, we perceive their need of lowering operation cost. Fortunately, the potential cost savings of offshoring to Vietnam are considerable. In general, Vietnam’s labor costs average around 90 percent less than those in the U.S., which translate to significant savings. Based on analysis after working professionally with India offshore suppliers over the last 10 years, Vietnam’s labor rates may be as much as 30 to 50 percent lower than those in India. In 2014, analysts from the research firm Gartner commented, “Vietnam remains one of the most competitive options in the world for offshore development, due to its competitive labor costs and other business costs.”

Why choose Vietnam?

In addition, workers in Vietnam are conscious to improve their English proficiency and technology savvy. Academic and General Training test takers 2017 showed the mean overall and individual band scores from the top 40 places of origin. Average IELTS Score (academic) of Vietnamese is 5.92, in comparison of Taiwanese (6.08), India (6.04) and Korean (5.97), superior to Chinese (5.76). The number of Vietnamese employees working in international companies or offshore center for foreign ones considerably increases for the past 5 years. 

To take advantage of favorable environment and establish an effective offshore in Vietnam, an experienced provider is necessary. Contact us now! With 13 years of experience, Bellsystem24-HoaSao is looking for the cooperation with your company in the future.  

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