Major characteristics of Vietnamese that benefit your offshore business

Eager to learn with open mindset

Thanks to the impressive Foreign Investment and robust national economic growth, a huge number of both reputable corporations and start-ups run businesses in Vietnam, presenting various opportunities for local people to expose, interact and be familiar with diversified working cultures. Vietnamese, especially the young people, not only strive to reach these businesses but also actively enhance their personal development through workshops, free and paid courses inside and outside their schools. The biggest search engine - Google confirm through their annual report that Vietnamese search for a lot of diversified information and topics, from national entertainments, global issues like politics, economy to national university exams. With such open mindset, they can communicate well in your organization.

Strong mobility & willingness to experience

Around 60 - 70% social sharing of Vietnamese millennials on Facebook/ Instagram relates to travel and life-experiences. Vietnamese social is encouraging their users to value experiences over the possessions.  With their improved English proficiency and support from technology revolution as well as growth in social sharing; young Vietnamese has tendency to step out of their comfort zone to experience the good things, to be more creative and adaptable to both flexible and restricted business environments.


Well-educated & Hardworking

The Vietnamese generally take education very seriously and spend more time achieving their career goals than leisurely pursuits than students in other developing countries and their western counterparts. Absenteeism is very low in most schools and parental support and encouragement is very high. Many parents take on extra work to see their sons and daughters excel at college and university. It is also quite common for older siblings to support their younger brothers and sisters once they graduate from university and join the workforce.

In Vietnam, universities are well positioned to provide professional academic staff and technicians from at home and abroad, there are even a number of western universities with campuses in Vietnam.

These characteristics surely can be strength to your organization. Vietnamese will passionately learn about your products and company value, be persistent on work and not afraid to try new solution.

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