Effective Social Content Monitoring for a social & messaging app

The Situation - The importance of Social Content Monitoring for our customer

In this age of sophisticated technology, even if you don’t have a desire to be involved with social media for your business, you really don’t have a choice. To keep up with your customers and your competition, effective social monitoring tools are highly recommended.

Social media monitoring is able to help you find everything which is relevant to your brand on social media and gives you a deeper understanding of the conversations happening about your products and services. It’s more than just watching out for mentions, tags, comments, or shares—it’s listening to discussions about your product, your brand, and reading the pulse of your industry. If you’re only focusing on app notifications, you’re going to miss a huge amount of discussions about your product and your industry.

Moreover, you can bring the top-notch customer service experience to your clients by replying to questions relating to your brand. You can also pleasantly surprise them by positively engaging with posts that you aren’t tagged in, but that are still about your brand or your industry. Such social media activities can set you apart from your competition.

As one of the most popular messenger-social media apps in Japan, our customer application agrees also highlights the importance of social listening & social content monitoring. Apart from the mentioned impacts that social media can bring to any business worldwide, our customer has to face some specific challenges about monitoring content when operating in Japan: 

  • Our customer’s monthly users occupies up to 40 percent of Japan’s entire population. Thus, the number of user-generated-content are huge.
  • Our customer is a messenger app first, and a social network second. Most our customer app activity is strictly in private and group chat rooms, not on the timeout customer function. This unique feature can raise the intention to spread out the harmful messages from a group of users.
  • In fact, there are some terrible suicides of Japanese resulting from inappropriate social media content such as “Twitter Killer” in 2017. Some experts even say social media provides an important means of emotional release in a country grappling with strong cultural taboos around suicide and depression and caution against any clampdown. Therefore, Japanese government is strict about social media’s impact on their users. Content on such popular application as our customer must contain violent, sexual text, photos, and videos.

The Solution - Offshoring content monitoring service from Bellsystem24-HoaSao

After thorough discussion, BHS recognizes other drawbacks of our customer towards social content monitoring:

  • Their main customers are Asian, including a large number of non-Japanese speakers. Then they may need English communication. However, English Proficiency of general Japanese is not excellent, which may result to confusing, ineffective communication and high labor costs when our customer has to hire Japanese with high English skills.
  • With such a huge number of user-generated content, the workforce of our customer need to concentrate and have high productivity, leading to potentially expensive costs of hiring, training and maintaining.

BHS’ service not only help ease these problems but also bring superior performance when reviewing customer content on our customer app:

  • All inappropriate contents are removed by the well-trained Vietnamese contact agents.
  • These content monitoring activities are conducted at high productivity rate, with low mistake ratio. Approximately 30,000 cases per day for image and video are solved by BHS team. While Operation Error Rate is only 0,03%.
  • Team efficiently and effectively operates until 2 AM in Japan.
  • Cost saving is estimated up to 40%, compared to normal implementation of their Japanese team.

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