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Sharings from Ms. Mie Nguyen - Customer Service Team Leader.

“At Bellsystem24-Hoasao, I work with some of the most intelligent and caring people I’ve ever met. Working here everyday, I can see a better version of myself.”

My work record and the amazing thing I had in Bellsystem24-Hoasao

To be honest, I do not have much expectations when moving my workplace from a client company to a customer service offshoring provider such as Bellsystem24-Hoasao. At first, I thought that the my working responsibilities here will be the same as my previous experiences in answering customer’s replies through phone calls. The better benefits are chances of utilizing my English language skills and more attractive remuneration package. There is a fact that retention rate of a call center is often low. Therefore, my intention here is just having a new working environment which offers me a few better advantages and I will stay here for around 6 months to 1 year.

Nonetheless, I have been working at Bellsystem24-Hoasao for more than 3 years. 

At Bellsystem24-Hoasao, I work with some of the most intelligent and caring people I’ve ever met. They are my partners, my customers, my colleagues and my senior leaders. They taught me to master the art of communication styles, engaging listening skills and asking quality questions to get to the root of the problem for every customer’ concerns. At Bellsystem24-Hoasao, I have learned that customers roadblocks don't come with any warning and sometimes we need to be flexible and adapt to unexpected situations. When something important suddenly breaks, the call center agent is one of the first people to provide a response. We need to be constantly ready to spring into action, especially on a moment's notice. 

We provide customized services for a lot of reputable businesses over the world, and Bellsystem24-Hoasao agents handle more than just phones. We may be asked to interact with customers via email, live chat, social media, or even in-person. We are also encouraged to participate in regular trainings for the products and markets, soft-skills and discussion to be better day by day. 

The skills developed inside a call center can truly help us in every job that comes our way, Whether we want to move up in the world of customer service or are a recent graduate looking to gain some entry-level knowledge. 

Especially, Bellsystem24-Hoasao has strong internal culture, which enables team bonding, company values and learning from each other. Sometimes, the repetitive tasks of a call agent may be boring. Pressure coming from customers sometimes push us hard. Without helpful and sympathetic colleagues, I could not have stayed here and enjoyed my job as I am now. 

What I value the most at Bellsystem24-Hoasao - Retention strategy 

There is a fact that the turnover rate in call centers is often so terrible. Luckily me that I stayed at Bellsystem24-Hoasao. Our low attrition rate is highly desirable for any contact center provider - only 10% for outbound projects and 2.5 - 5% for inbound projects as reported in 2018. As a call center agent working here for more than 3 years, I think this achievements are results of great efforts from senior leaders and effective strategy, including: Clear career path for every employee, attractive accumulation and Commendation program, Employee Performance Review and Appraisal. Moreover, company values focus on creating fun and supportive environment; as well as employee appreciation.  

Specifically, I love how my efforts are well-paid at Bellsystem24-Hoasao. I truly got great compensations and benefits. My efforts are always appreciated. 

I am always happy to introduce others about my working place as Bellsystem24-Hoasao! Welcome you to our team! Protection Status