Case Study - Success of Bellsystem24-HoaSao in Electronic Consumer Goods Project

Our customers ’s commitment to their customers is that their “service centers and field service engineers offer responsive repair and maintenance services of the highest quality”. As a global corporation specializing for electronic devices and gadgets, our customers has recognised the need for effective and professional processes for repair & maintenance services because:

  • Regular maintenance ensures the efficient operation and extends the life of the electronics.
  • A strong customer support can help our customers avoid losing loyal customers or discouraging potential ones.

Nevertheless, our customers office in Japan has significant challenges with the setup and operations of their inbound customer service centers. As such access to the right talent at competitive costs for:

  • Hiring, training & retain staffs with strong learning capacity and effective communication skills to give accurate guide and instructions for the customers.
  • Operation costs for a 24-hour-assistance. Customers would call frequently to get help in using electronic gadgets or trying to set it up.

After considering various options, our customer decided to take advantage of our services and solutions: which evolved into a combination of  artificial intelligence (AI) and offshore services through BHS for email, chat and request for repairment and registration. The results are both exciting and exceptional for our customers and their customers including;:

  • The team strengthens relationship with customers via the superior servicing support. They provide customers accurate knowledge about electronic devices with kindness and friendliness. All the email & chat & request for repairment and registration are well-handled. They make sure 24-hour-operation are always available.
  • Our customer has saved cost massively by opting to offshore BHS service in Vietnam rather than maintain an in-house or in-Japan customer support center. Specifically, revenues with support from BHS team is up to 14 times higher than the normal implementation.

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