Case study - Gaming Project & Improving inbound customer service

Discover how a Japanese gaming project leverages the power of customer service with Bellsystem24-HoaSao’s offshore team.

Their situation & problem

Our cusomer is one of top 3 biggest video & app game developments and publishers in Japan. They are famous for a lot of app games which are based on manga (Japanese comics) and have millions of players all over the world. They aim to deliver their services at its best to a fan base which is located worldwide, especially Asian & European players. Their gaming project is incredibly amazing, but they have to face 2 big challenges with customer support system:

  • Their team is lack of proficient English customer support agents. Thus, every enquiries of players and third-parties are often put in a long wait; to be understood, analyzed, processed and communicated. Additionally, weak English level can raise the misunderstanding communication issues between Bandai Namco with players, even resulting to customer dissatisfaction and unprofessional branding images in gaming community ’s eyes.

The publisher recognized this major drawback, and also thought of building a Japanese in-house customer support team. However, this mission seems too much difficult to be accomplished at a cost-effective rate because:

  • Actually English level of Japan is not highly appreciated. According to the most recent EF English Proficiency Index in 2017, the English level of Japanese only ranked 35th out of 72 countries and decreased to 43th in 2018. Although English is a compulsory subject in junior high and high school in this country, Japanese still have a hard time achieving even daily conversation levels, because:
  • Lack of methods that focus on using what was learned in class, meaning to actually practice speaking.
  • Silence in Japanese culture and character, resulting to the fear of mistakes and missing out opportunities
  • English has been incorporated into Japanese culture in a rather weird way. For example, Television becomes terebi, Apple becomes Appuru, table becomes teburu, patrol car becomes patoca, and air conditioning turns into eacon. This make their natural English conversation becomes weird for common English speakers.
  • There is a rare number of excellent English speakers. It means that hiring & retention cost for these employees should be high.

The solution

The customer engages Bellsystem 24 - Hoasao to assist in the adoption of its offshore approach for Inbound Customer Service of their new gaming project. With highly proficient English skills and professional manner, offshoring team for this project brought highly effective reduction cost. Specifically, their turnovers during using BHS services is almost 14 times higher than normal project implementation.

Compared to the efficiency of their Japanese team operating customer service in their home country, BHS team help increase the Customer Satisfaction Score. In specific, average Customer Satisfaction Score is 81% in the past 3 months.

All English email are handled in only 48 hours. Player’s feedbacks in communities and other channels have been more positive and our customer is looking forward to keep cooperating with BHS in the future.

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