Case Study - Bellsystem24-HoaSao’s Outbound Service and Non-Profit Fundraising company

Not-for-profit Organisations globally face challenges every day with balancing their investment in fundraising against their fulfilling their mission to provide assistance and services to the environment, communities and those most in need.

In 2016, a Non-Profit Organization specializing in fundraising based in America contacted Bellsystem 24-HoaSao (BHS) to ask if we can provide a solution for their fundraising activities. To convey the meaningful messages to their donors and entice individuals to donate; they needed strong human & operations support and effective cold-callings services. Cold calling is challenging irrespective of the message being conveyed, but specifically for fund-raising the challenge is about cost reduction. There is a huge number of calls to be made, with expected conversion rates being relatively low, combining with high cost for recruiting native speakers, making it incredibly difficult for the operation to be cost effective.

Fortunately, these difficulties have been overcome thanks to our solution: Telemarketing by Auto Dialing System. Specifically, BHS provides our client with skillful agents who:

  • Are able to work at appropriate times for the market needs
  • Listen to the customers and respond by playing available recording files in order to convince the customers to donate their money.

This smart solution works well for BHS’s client, helps our client deliver effective cold calls and follow-up calls with minimum operation & human resources cost. On average, our agents managed to raised four times than the operation cost our client had to pay.

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