Case Study - Bellsystem24-HoaSao helps leverage the After-sale Service for Tobacco

It is not a stretch to say that after-sale service can be considered the lifeblood of any product based organisation. Despite how innovative a product might be, if the service is second rate, enthusiastic reviews will quickly turn into very public complaints. It is for this reason that  inbound customer service should be a focal point and priority for a new product launch, as this popular Tobacco brand did in the case study below.   

The Situation

Our customer is one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, with well-known lines of products. In order to reduce harmful smoking effects on human’s health, they develop an innovative cigarette with electronics heating system.

The operation of this electronic cigarette is much more different from the traditional one. Hence, a lot of after-sale activities can be emerged.

Some challenges for Tobacco’s inbound customer service are as below

  • Demand for sufficient staffing: The customer’s enquiries about this new product can increase in volume. Since the product launch in 2015, number of customer inquiries raise significantly - five times to be exact. The current staffs might have to work hard to cater to customer needs round-the-clock.
  • Language barrier in the countries Tobacco operates: New market leads to demand for additional language competencies.

The solution - Offshoring BHS’s inbound customer service for electronic smoking device for Japanese smokers

After offshoring the service of Bellsystem24-HoaSao, Tobacco in Japan achieved  exceptional outcomes and results, such as:

  • Solved the problem about language barrier: Possessing well-trained agents with proficiency in Japanese (N3 - N2 level); BHS ensure that every conversation between Tobacco and Japanese smokers are precise and appropriate.
  • Effective cost reduction: Offshoring in Vietnam helps Tobacco saves a lot of human resource and operations costs (30 - 40% compared to normal implementation in Japan by their team).
  • The team work for 365 days to make sure that no email or conversation are missed and resolve every customer’s concern as fast as possible. Ensure the professional images of Tobacco’s customer service: Customers have no complains, and even rate excellent for the supports they receive through email & website live chat. The team tactically answer the customers to resolve the problems related to device maintenance. Customers can know where, how and when to send to the delivery company to replace the new one or they can go offline directly. In details, the customer satisfaction rate with support from BHS team is quiet positive - 80%.

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