Appointment Setting Services

A one-on-one interaction is the most feasible and fulfilling way of sealing a deal, whether it is within the context of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B). It initiates a sense of comfort to discuss the proposed products and services directly with your client and exchange views more independently. Therefore, appointment setting is absolutely crucial especially where your conversion rates and lengths are lower and longer.

Organisations operating with smaller sales forces, teams members often either lack the time or focus to make the necessary amount of calls to produce the required number of appointments. Meanwhile, the big corporations can have difficulties with overhead costs on operation, human resources and loss of their top talents because their field sale staff can get bored with tedious routine tasks of cold calling and following up.

In general, having a dedicated telemarketing team which generates a steady stream of qualified appointments, is more cost effective than using field-based sales people doing this role. Businesses will see a clear, strong return and speed up the sales cycle through offshoring or outsourcing appointment setting service.

Allow us to customize an appointment setting campaign specifically to your business, products and organisational objectives and you can have a significantly higher rates of viable business prospects delivered to your “closers” in a hassle-free and reliable way.      

Our agents are proficient with the required foreign language skills and and working attitudes. They can deliver your best professional messages to your target market in the most convincing way.

Here at Bellsystem24-HoaSao, we take pride in hiring teams of professional and effective appointment setters who are able, but not limited, to do the following tasks:

  • Real estate appointment setting
  • Financial appointment setting
  • Appointment setting for Media/ Event Planners
  • B2B Appointment Setting
  • Insurance Appointment Setting

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