5 reasons that Healthcare providers should offshore patient communications to a call center

As the healthcare landscape is changing rapidly with technology trends, patient’s expectations have been all-time high. This is especially true when it comes to operational activities such as appointment scheduling and communications with referring medical professionals. Healthcare providers seeking to standout and offer exception service should be seriously looking into the benefits of an offshoring call center.


Better quality patient care

First, having a separate offshore team for call center means a healthcare centre will be better able to focus on their main goal of delivering the best quality patient care as well as remain responsive to industry shifts. Second, patient can receive more attentive care and personalized accurate information. Contact center agents can be familiar with patients’ needs; have the expertise to respond to different cases through telephone such as patients’ activity records and prescriptions - which are often difficult to manage.

Proactive service and customer engagement

Contact center agents can explain and suggest planned options, competitive advantages of enterprises as well as availabilities of doctors, before and during decision - making and appointment times for customers. They also are the bridge to support the process of customer service to keep the continuity from the register of insurance schedule to the establishment of healthcare account. Healthcare call center services also enable you to offer multi-channel support. Thus, it keeps the number of interrupted transactions that cause customers to switch to other providers to a minimum.

Ease some pressures on your in-house staffs so they can focus on what’s important

A dedicated and experienced call center can handle large call volumes while holding time and abandonment rates to a minimum. Your internal employees may release some stress without compromising the needs of patients.

Benefit from experts and professionals without the costs of training

No more worries about incurring additional expenses on seminars or training sessions. The right outsourcing partner takes care of all their staff’s education requirements and pre-training before deploying their personnel to your team.

Streamline collections & business operations

A contact center can make collections more efficient and improve the collection department’s productivity, especially with automated tools. For example, Bellsystem24-HoaSao can give healthcare providers the useful self-service system IVR for automated simple transactions. This system helps to keep customers during the wait, support them to complete their queries without communicating directly with consultant. In addition, the system also allows using automatic and online functions for new queries and updating account status, notification email as well as voicemail, to confirm payment items, deduction status, eco-accounts or other transference transactions. How great it is!

Having more than 11 year working experience in the field of Customer Service, with our specialized approaching method and outstanding technological basis, Bellsystem24-HoaSao can help you stay on top of the ball in an ever changing and competitive healthcare industry.

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